Rotation Supervisors

Please refer to the Site Information sheet in One45 for contact information.


Angio – Dr. Anastasia Hadjivassiliou

IR – Dr. Anastasia Hadjivassiliou

US – Dr. Emily Pang

Abdo – Dr. Gavin Sugrue (CT) and Dr. Will Yee (MRI)

Chest – Dr. Ana-Maria Bilawich

CT Chest – Dr. Ana-Maria Bilawich

ER – Dr. Nicolas Murray

Neuro (CT & MRI) — Dr. Farahna Sabiq

Neuro (Spine) – Dr. Jason Shewchuk

MSK – Dr. Hugue Ouellette

Nucs – Dr. Dan Worsley


UBC CT – Dr. Gordon Andrews

UBC MRI – Dr. Gordon Andrews

UBC IR – Dr. Stephen Ho


SPH Angio – Dr. Dave Fenton

SPH Abdo – Dr. Patrick Vos

SPH Cardiac – Dr. Cameron Hague

SPH Chest – Dr. Cameron Hague

SPH US – Dr. Ed Peramaki

SPH OB – Dr. Ed Peramaki

SPH CT – Dr. Cameron Hague

SPH MRI – Dr. Cameron Hague

SPH Int – Dr. Dave Fenton

SPH MSK – Dr. Tim Murray

SPH Nucs – Dr. George Sexsmith

SPH Neuro – Dr. Brendan Quiney

SPH General TTP – Dr. Cameron Hague


BCCH Peds – Dr. Lydia Bajno

BCWH OB – Dr. Chantal Mayer

BCW/505 Mammo – Dr. Marie-Josée Cloutier

MSJ Mammo– Dr. Roberta Dionello

BCCA Mammo- Dr. Tanya Martin

BCCA General Rotation – Dr. Tanya Martin

BCCA Onco – Dr. Ren Yuan & Dr. Patrick Martineau

RCH Community- Dr. Rita Chiu

SMH Community – Dr. Jun Wang

LGH Community – Dr. Mark Madden


Total 37 rotations