Call Back List

  1. Unsure of findings that may affect patient management /disposition before 0800h, with a low threshold to contact the appropriate subspecialty fellow especially for IR/vascular CT cases, ischemic bowel cases, and ICU abdominal cases.
  2. CTA Neuro, specifically requested for review (review with ER staff, if there are any concerns call Neuro Fellow)
  3. ICU/PAR or organ transplant ultrasounds during US tech hours (contact Abdo Fellow)
  4. ICU/PAR or organ transplant ultrasounds outside of US tech hours (redirect clinical team to have them contact the Abdo Fellow)
  5. Any MR (call appropriate subspecialty)
  6. US for ectopic, ovarian or testicular torsion if the signing ER radiologist does not report US (only Dr Munk currently, call Abdo Fellow)
  7. Any interventions (call appropriate subspecialty below)
Interventional radiology Abdominal radiology
· Enteroflex or NG tube insertion

· Biliary and gastric tube check/repositioning


· Cholecystostomy tube insertion

· Percutaneous nephrostomy tube insertion

· Nephrostomy tube/nephroureteral stent check/repositioning.

· US and CT guided drainages

· Diagnostic GI requests: gastrograffin swallows, hypaque enemas etc